If you’re embarking on a voluntary change without immediate time pressures, explore and dream big about your next move with this program.  Transition into a situation that’s truly right for YOU.  The Dream Big program is perfect if you’re considering a career change or contemplating retirement. 

Your coaching sessions will include topics like: 

  • Exploring your readiness for change

  • Dissolving roadblocks
    (physical, mental, thoughts)

  • Rediscovering your passions

  • Discerning what brings you joy

  • Envisioning your ideal life

  • Using your body as a guide to steer your decisions

  • Beginning your journey with small steps

  • Knowing when to step back and adjust your path

The Dream Big program includes eight (8) 50-minute coaching sessions and three (3) 15-minute phone chats when needed.


 Are you looking to change jobs, but wish to remain in your current field of practice?  Or are you experiencing an involuntary transition?  If you have a bit of time to reflect on your situation, this program provides an opportunity for self-examination to determine your next move - a good move.  

Coaching sessions could include topics from the Dream Big package.  Your program may also incorporate some mentorship work with Donna, which allows for more focused discussions designed to explore the opportunities available to you.  Donna can also assist you in preparing for job interviews.

The Thoughtful Transition program includes five (5) 50-minute coaching sessions and two (2) 15-minute phone chats when needed. 


Do you need to make a change NOW?  Whether your transition is by choice or involuntary, this combination coaching and mentorship program centers primarily on exploring your opportunities for an imminent transition.  Donna can also assist you in preparing for job interviews.  If time allows, coaching sessions may also include topics from the Dream Big package.


The Transition NOW program includes three (3) 50 minute coaching sessions and one (1) 15-minute phone chat when needed  


Reserve a 50-minute coaching session when you feel you need one. 


Choose a topic of discussion pertaining to transition, or another topic on which you feel you’d benefit from your coach’s insights, including (but not limited to):

  • job interview preparation

  • the insufferable colleague

  • family members who drive you crazy

  • not enough time in the day

  • lost control of your life

  • my boss is an ass*%)&

  • my children don’t appreciate me

  • any topic that causes dissatisfaction in your life!

we'll work well together if...

You truly want to make a change but are stuck on what to do next.

You feel energized to move forward and want to begin now.


You are open to doing things differently to achieve different results.


You like being challenged even though the journey is uncomfortable at times.


You don't mind blunt feedback to support your transition.


You care more about your own feelings than the opinions of others.

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