do you...

truly want to make a change in your life
but you're not sure how to begin?

Donna Peterson, Life Coach

meet donna peterson, life coach
how does a secretary without a college degree

become a ceo?

A lifetime of transitions, personally and professionally, has uniquely prepared Donna Peterson to support others as they experience life's changes.  

coaching programs

Donna Peterson, a certified Martha Beck coach, specializes in working with clients
experiencing a career or retirement transition.
  Individual, customized coaching sessions are also available.  Contact Donna for more information.

thoughtful transition

Are you looking to change jobs, or experiencing an involuntary transition? 

If you have some time to reflect on your situation, this program provides the opportunity for self-examination to determine your next move.  

transition NOW

Do you need to make a change NOW?  Whether your transition is by choice or involuntary, this combination coaching and mentorship program centers primarily on exploring your opportunities for an imminent transition.

dream big

If you’re embarking on a voluntary change without immediate time pressures, explore and dream big about your next move with this program.

transitions blog

How did Donna Peterson transition from being a 24/7 workaholic to a satisfied retiree? And how does that prepare her to help clients with their transitions?

Have you ever asked for a raise? If so, how did you frame your request? Donna offers sound advice for this tricky conversation with your boss.